Petro-Bulk Clientele

Worldwide Shipping Agency (Sing.)
Vitol Asia Pte. Ltd. (Sing.)
Van Omerren Iver Ship A.S. (Norway)
Ultragas Shipping Co., (Chile)
Thenamaris Shipping (Ship Mngt Inc.)
Teekay Shipping Co., Ltd. (Canada)
Tanker Pacific Mgmt Pte., Ltd. (Sing.)
Stena Bulk AB, (Norway)
SK Global CO., Ltd. (Seoul)
Shell Int'l Eastern Trading Co., Ltd.
Seatown Shipbroking Co.,Ltd. (Sing.)
Raffles Shipbroking Co., Ltd. (Sing.)
Qatar Shipping Company (Q-Ship)SAQ
Philippine Cement Manufacturers Corp.
Petron Corporation (Philippines)
PacificLink Shipbrokers (Sing.), Pte. Ltd.
Odin Marine (Sing.) Pte., Ltd.
Neptank Pte., Ltd. (Sing.)
Navix Line, Ltd.
Mosvold Shipping (Norway)
Mobil Shipping Co., Ltd.
Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
Mitsubishi Corporation
Marubeni Corporation
Malaysia International Shipping Corp.
Kuwait Oil Tanker Co., S.A.K.
Itochu Petroleum Co. (S) Co., Ltd.
International Maritime Carriers Co., Ltd.
Idemitsu Marine Co., Ltd.
Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd.
Frontline Ltd.
Eastport Chartering Pte., Ltd.
Coulouthros Ltd.
China Shipping Co., Ltd., Tanker Co.
BP Shipping Ltd.
Bergensen d.y. ASA

Petro-Bulk's Service Commitments



Petro-Bulk Maritime's agency teams are committed to uphold and protect the Shipowners and Charterers' interests for the speedy turn-around of their vessels. Possible areas of delay are anticipated and identified through tight coordination. Its experienced and highly-trained Operations and Logistics personnel are qualified to make prompt decisions and execute necessary procedures in order to eliminate or avoid any operational logjams or other possible causes of the vessel's unnecessary delay in port.


A Petro-Bulk Marine Agent is always assigned On Board the vessel during loading or discharge operations. He is supported by ground personnel who coordinate shore requirements with the shipper, consignees, and refinery terminal personnel. Both operations and logistics team members periodically undergo vigorous training in terminal and tanker safety procedures. With their acquired skills and hard-earned experience, the safe and speedy handling of both vessel's and crew's requirement is ensure.


Petro-Bulk Maritime continues to grow and develop its capabilities through constant training and upgrading its expertise gained from two decades of solid experience in handling VLCCs, LPG / Chemical Carriers, and Product Tankers of various types and sizes.

Our Guiding Principles

tankerA positive global outlook for the continuous improvement of our organization and the application of innovative solutions as a dynamic force in enhancing service speed, efficiency, and economy.

To develop an organization with a strong awareness for the preservation of marine life through Clean Seas.


Our Mission

tankerWe aim to maintain the trust and continues patronage of our principals by exceeding their expectations through our master and skillful knowledge of the ship agency trade.

We shall endeavor to address the concerns of our principals with promptness, efficiency, and reliability to deliver fine, quality service, in adherance to the highest ethical standards of the industry.

Our Vision

To emerge as a responsible world-class maritime service and logistics company, supported by a highly motivated organization composed of skillfully-trained and experienced group of shipping professionals dedicated to the promotion of service par excellence in the shipping industry through innovative methods and employment of high-end technology.